House Of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon Season 1 Finale Trailer promises an explosive conclusion


The House of the Dragon teaser for episode 10 teases all the potential plots leading up to the end of season 1 and beyond, promising a massive conclusion to the television show. Episode 9 of House of the Dragon was a unique bottle episode that was entirely set inside the fortified city of Kings Landing following the passing of King Viserys. The penultimate season 1 episode, aptly titled “The Green Council,” was fully devoted to Alicent, Otto, and their allies in Kings Landing accepting Aegon as the true heir to the Iron Throne rather than Rhaenyra.

Naturally, the black faction of Rhaenyra and Daemon will take exception to this, as House of the Dragon episode 10 promises revenge for the greens’ acts. The House of the Dragon season 1 finale trailer makes a lot of inferences about how the show’s plot will proceed and how more passages from the Game of Thrones spinoff book Fire & Blood will be incorporated. Here are all the hints for House of the Dragon episode 10 from the trailer, starting with the beginning of the blacks’ plots for retaliation and ending with dragon taming.

Princess Rhaenys Targaryen managed to escape the hands of the greens in the last moments of House of the Dragon episode 9. Rhaenys was put under house imprisonment until she swore fealty to Aegon shortly after Viserys passed away. She was able to get away to the Dragon Pit, nevertheless, thanks to Ser Erryk Cargyll’s assistance.

She interrupted the crowning of Aegon there atop her dragon, Meleys, and then took off from Kings Landing. The next episode will pick up immediately after this, according to the House of the Dragon episode 10 trailer, with Rhaenys in Dragonstone, the home of House Targaryen, alerting Rhaenyra and Daemon of the greens’ attempted throne usurpation. In the trailer, Rhaenys is seen warning the two about the greens’ intentions to kill Rhaenyra, her children, and anybody who supports her story.

There are plans for defending Rhaenyra, her kids, and her right to the Iron Throne. Daemon can be heard saying that Rhaenyra cannot kneel before the Hightowers and that they took her birthright in a voiceover. In House of the Dragon episode 10, Rhaenys then claims that the men gathered around the Painted Table in Dragonstone are advising Rhaenyra to wage war against the greens and that certain members of her council have advised her to lay siege to the Red Keep in Kings Landing.

This is accompanied by images of swords and other weapons being stocked up, demonstrating conclusively that the black people are getting ready for the conflict known as the Dance of Dragons.

Aemond Targaryen, the second son of Alicent and Viserys, may be shown taking off his eye patch in the House of the Dragon episode 10 teaser. He hasn’t been seen without it since he lost an eye in episode 7. This alludes to a significant plot point in Fire & Blood, which is also alluded to in other trailer images. The moment Aemond takes off his eye patch, he’s probably at Storm’s End.

He and Lucerys Velaryon are sent to Storm’s End in Fire & Blood, on behalf of the greens and the blacks, respectively, to win House Baratheon’s favour. This will probably be shown in House of the Dragon episode 10 with Aemond showing Lucerys what he did by taking off his eye patch. Aemond will probably wish to teach Lucerys about the repercussions of their fight from when they were kids because House of the Dragon episode 8 shows that the two still have a grudge towards one another.

Jacaerys just says, “Send us,” to Rhaenyra as another shot of the four Velaryon children sets up the confrontation between Aemond and Lucerys. This hints at the functions of the Velaryon youths in the Dance of Dragons. After requiring the lads to vow they won’t participate in the war in Fire & Blood, Rhaenyra permits the two to represent the blacks as envoys, going throughout Westeros to garner support for House Targaryen, specifically Rhaenyra’s cause. This is what Lucerys and Aemond are sent to Storm’s End for the greens as a result of Jacaerys’s phrase in the House of the Dragon episode 10 teaser.

One of the incidents hinted at in the House of the Dragon episode 10 trailer was hinted at in episode 9. Arryk and Erryk Cargyll, twin Kingsguard knights, were dispatched to find Aegon as part of the latter’s storyline so that he may be crowned king. The two discover Aegon Targaryen’s harshness throughout their investigation after going to places he was known to frequent. Arryk insisted on carrying out his duty to the king, even going so far as to engage Criston Cole in the battle to deliver Aegon to Otto Hightower, the King’s Hand. On the other side, Erryk abandoned Aegon and aided Rhaenys in escaping the Red Keep.

Erryk is seen vowing devotion to Rhaenyra on Dragonstone while holding Viserys’ crown in episode 10 of House of the Dragon, which aims to build on this. He is acting contrary to the rules of the Dance of Dragons and against his twin brother in the process, demonstrating that he believes Rhaenyra to be the true successor.

The House of the Dragon episode 10 teaser includes a scene in which Lucerys is acting as one of Rhaenyra’s envoys. The youthful Velaryon is seen flying across a stormy sky atop his dragon Arrax.

In Fire & Blood, Lucerys’s trip to Storm’s End to recruit Borros Baratheon’s assistance was shown as occurring in the midst of a severe storm. This demonstrates that this visit and the icy reunion of Lucerys and Aemond Targaryen will be featured in House of the Dragon. Rhaenyra gave Lucerys the assignment because she believed it to be the least risky envoy mission, even though neither she nor Lucerys anticipated Aemond’s visit to the Baratheon family seat.

The blacks also appear to be getting ready for battle by acquiring additional dragons in the House of the Dragon episode 10 trailer. According to Fire & Blood, one of Rhaenyra’s main concerns at the start of the Dance of Dragons is the blacks’ lack of Dragonriders on their side, particularly with Vhagar siding with the greens. With the teaser showing Daemon attempting to soothe a dragon that might potentially be ridden by someone on the black side, it appears that the season 1 finale of House of the Dragon will address this.

Vermithor, sometimes known as the Bronze Fury, is this dragon. Vermithor was Westeros’ second-largest dragon at the time of House of the Dragon; only Vhagar was bigger. King Jaehaerys rode Vermithor during his rule, but after his passing, the horse was left without a rider. Then Vermithor escaped and went to live by himself in Dragonstone. Episode 10 of House of the Dragon hints at Daemon’s efforts to win Vermithor’s favour as a potential weapon in the impending war.

The true start of the Dance of Dragons, which will envelop Westeros in the fires of battle, is one thing the House of the Dragon episode 10 teaser alludes to. It has been well known since the beginning of House of the Dragon that the plot is leading up to the conflict between the greens and the blacks over the Iron Throne. The Dance of Dragons, the Targaryen civil war that has been referred to as, is finally coming, and will be shown to begin in House of the Dragon episode 10. This is evident from the promise of the blacks’ retaliation against Aegon’s crowning to the hints that both sides have acquired the support of the families of Westeros.

One image from the House of the Dragon episode 10 teaser refers to a previous episode of the series that featured Daemon Targaryen and Otto Hightower. In the second episode of House of the Dragon, Daemon stole a dragon egg in an attempt to wed Mysaria on Dragonstone, forcing Otto to send some men to find the egg. As a result, there was a brief standoff on the steps of Dragonstone, which Rhaenyra resolved amicably. With one shot portraying a nearly identical meeting between Daemon and Otto on the steps of Dragonstone, whose animosity for one another has been sown since episode 1, House of the Dragon episode 10 teases a second round.

However, unlike House of the Dragon episode 2, this conflict might end in greater bloodshed given the approaching possibility of war.

The House of the Dragon episode 10 trailer’s closing image promises to change Westeros’s course forever and ignite a full-scale conflict. This image of Aemond’s dragon Vhagar is related to their trip to Storm’s End and their conflict with Lucerys. Dark things are ahead for Lucerys Velaryon if the Storm’s End visit is allowed to unfold completely in the season 1 finale, as this image of Vhagar in full attack mode suggests.

In Fire & Blood, the visit to Storm’s End turns violent as Aemond and Vhagar pursue Lucerys and Arrax. The one-eyed prince kills both targets as long-overdue retaliation against his nephew. The Dance of Dragons, which will be the main subject of House of the Dragon’s upcoming seasons, officially begins when Rhaenyra and Daemon exact retribution on one of Aegon’s kids as a result of this.