HIT 2 Movie Review and Rating

Entertainment review

Adivi Sesh plays the lead character in HIT 2 from director Shailesh Kolanu’s HITverse, which is now available for general viewing. Let’s watch how it performs.

The movie, which is set in Vizag, opens with the introduction of KD, a police officer famed for cleverly resolving criminal cases, played by Adivi Sesh. KD will be given the task of locating the scene of a violent murder of a female who works at a bar. KD learns via his investigation that the murder was committed by a serial psycho killer. What sort of obstacles must KD overcome to find the murderer? What murderous ideology drives mass murders? How is KD going to find the psycho? You must see the movie in a nearby cinema to find out.

Adivi Sesh was the ideal choice for the role of the calm cop. His portrayal during tense situations gives the inquiry sections a realistic touch. Meenakshi Chaudhary is captivating to see on television, and the romantic scenes between her and Adivi Sesh nicely display their chemistry. She does a wonderful job acting amid the important second-half events.

A substantial role was given to actress Maganti Srinath, who delivered a passable performance. Various artists, including Suhas, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, and Kamalee Prasad, gave it their all. In their important cameo appearances, senior actors like Tanikella Bharani and others do alright.

John Stewart Eduri’s soundtrack for the background music is impressive. In the second half, in particular, the crime investigation sequences are nicely developed with an interesting score. S Manikandan did an excellent job with the cinematography, trying to give the whole movie a rich feel.

Two songs by MM Srilekha and Suresh Bobbili, on the other hand, work okay on screen. Garry BH’s editing is good because he avoided unnecessary sequences to keep the running time. This banner movie for Nani’s Wall Poster Cinema has good production quality. The set work is also generally excellent.

It’s a wonderful concept to create a franchise for the 2020 movie HIT, and director Shailesh Kolanu came up with content that has more room for exploration than the previous chapter. Shailesh’s execution is mostly interesting, but he should have focused more on developing a strong story.

The first part of the proceedings establishes itself slowly. If he had been careful during the writing process, the outcome would have been universal. In conclusion, HIT 2 is a crime thriller