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Historical visit: Kim Jong-un, Even a bird could not even hit the tight security circle.

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Seoul, To improve relations with South Korea, North Korea may seem to have seen some revenge-revenge, but it did not give any relaxation in protecting its supreme leader. On Friday, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un reached the border with the South Korean President when he arrived for a historical meeting, the security cover was so strong that even a bird could not hit it. Tell you that Kim is included in some of the world’s biggest leaders in the strongest security circle.

His security guards were specially trained and trained in martial arts. His aim was accurate. The two countries had already patrolled the border with the border line which had patronized them, but as soon as Kim reached there, his commandos surrounded him. Wherever he went, this impenetrable commando shadow was with him like a shadow. Commandos were constantly running with the car.

Both leaders planted a pine tree near the border line Before that Kim’s commando had taken stock of the place and only after getting convinced of adequate security, Kim reached the tree there. A stone was placed here, with the names of the leaders written on it, ‘Planting peace and prosperity’.

According to the Korean media, these bodyguards have been selected based on their fitness, shooting, martial arts skills and their costumes. Surrounded by Kim at the time of meeting South Korea’s President Moon Jae-ins on the military border line, the bodyguards stood wearing suit and blue and white lines tie.

North Korea’s security officials were so vigilant about the security of Kim, that this can be judged by the fact that the commandos who had to sit on the seat to visit the Visitor Book in the Peace House, their commandos surrounded the Sanitizer’s spraying , Which could also protect them from small insects.

Let us tell you that North Korea has tension at this time from most countries of the world and in such cases Kim is always kept at least 6 level security. Foreigners going to every function of Kim’s presence also have to undergo strict security procedures. A security official in North Korea said, “This is one of the strongest security in the world, here bird can not even hit.”

Gadgets of all types are already deposited with the person who meets Kim. Recently Kim traveled to China. From the special train, he arrived at Beijing to ensure the security was fully convincing. The view from outside of the train could be seen, but nothing inside the train was seen from outside.