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On the help of terrorist organizations, the media of Pakistan has encircled the government, said – being isolated.

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Islamabad, His media has shown a mirror to Pakistan, now surrounded by terrorism. The Pakistani media has warned the government against using terrorist organizations as a tool of foreign policy. An editorial published in The Dawn states that Pakistan is using those organizations as tools of its foreign policy, which the global community has declared as a terrorist organization. With this policy, Pakistan is moving forward internationally to be isolated.

In the editorial, the policies of the government, especially the army have been criticized. It has been said that news from the recently held Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meetings in Paris has been captured. It is important to note the fact that the proposal to put Pakistan in the gray list by the US was presented, and during this period both our friends China and Saudi Arabia also left Pakistan.

In its report released on Friday, FATF did not mention Pakistan’s name, thereby creating confusion about the situation of the country. The newspaper said, “It is becoming increasingly clear now that Pakistan is moving towards being isolated internationally due to the use of terrorist organizations as a tool of foreign policy.”

Another news paper ‘The News’ said that Pakistan needs to pay close attention to the consequences of its inaction against terrorist funding. Failure to stop terrorist funding is such that the country accepts internally. In another editorial in Pakistan, The Nation said in an editorial, “It is time to focus on faulty policies that led us to the brink of horror.”