Health: Using leftover oil causes harm to health

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During the festival, we do particular kinds of stuff. Make puddings. But after that, if there is some other item, they also make it in the same remaining oil. When the oil starts turning black in the end, then they start using it in making vegetables. Keep using that oil till it gets over. But have you ever wondered how well that oil is for health after it turns black? If you do not know, then definitely know today.

What are the health issues that are caused by reusing oil

Increases Free Radicals: It is often dangerous to reuse oil after making buttery, crispy, or other fried items. Toxic substances start coming out by heating them again and again. At the same time, free radicals start increasing in the body, due to which inflammation starts and diseases begin to surround. According to the guidelines of FSSAI, reheating of oil should be avoided. According to FSSAI, the remaining oil can be reused thrice.

Toxic substances start getting in the food: When heated at high temperatures, oil starts becoming poisonous. The used oil gets heated very quickly on reheating. Leaves a smoke point in the beginning and gradually becomes hotter. When the oil gets too hot, it rapidly emits a foul odour, and harmful substances dissolve both in the air and cooked food.

Risk of diseases: The fat already present in the oil turns into trans fat at high temperatures. And trans fat is very harmful to the heart. Using oil by heating it, again and again, is a danger bell. With heart disease, diseases like acidity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, burning sensation in the throat begin to surround.

Risk of high blood pressure: Using the same oil repeatedly is like inviting many diseases. In fact, the composition of the oil also changes with repeated heating. Free fatty acids increase. Consuming it increases the chances of growing hypertension, atherosclerosis, oxidative stress.

Let us know about some oils that can be heated because their composition is the same way

When different food items are made, they are heated to different temperatures. But even when heated, they do not produce toxins. Let us know about some such oils which you can heat even at high temperatures. Such as – sunflower oil, soybean oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil. On the other hand, olive oil cannot be used for frying.