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Health Tips: Want to get rid of dry cough in winter? Then these four home remedies will help you

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Health Tips: Whenever the weather changes and that too, especially we move from summer to winter, in such a situation, our risk of falling ill increases a lot. That’s why everyone is advised to take care of themselves in this season. People wear warm clothes, eat healthy things, adopt a better routine, etc., to avoid getting cold and falling ill. But the biggest problem in this season is that people have a cough and that too dry cough. Because of this, people suffer a lot. In such a situation, we consume many types of medicines, but apart from this, if we want, we can also get relief in dry cough by using some home remedies.

So let’s know about a few health tips

Ginger tea
In the winter season, you can take ginger tea to avoid dry cough and get relief in it. The analgesic present in it fights viruses, and ginger helps clear congestion. Therefore, this tea must be consumed twice a day.

Honey and Black Pepper Powder

You can also take the help of honey and black pepper powder to get relief in dry cough. You have to consume it by mixing a little black pepper powder and a little honey in a spoon, and keep in mind that do not drink water immediately after this.

Basil leaves are very beneficial for our health. To get relief in dry cough, you have to grind basil leaves, black pepper and ginger together. After that boil them in water. In the end, you can boil it by adding a little honey and then consume it.

Clove is also known to give relief in dry cough. You have to roast some cloves in the fire and then chew them. Doing this can go a long way in stopping your cough.