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Health Tips: Keeping food in aluminum foil is not free from danger

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Health Tips: To keep the food hot, aluminum foil is used. But do you know how dangerous it is to use aluminum foil? They use foil when they go out of the house, but many people also keep the foil to keep the chapati. Because it is believed that maintaining vegetables or chapatis in the foil will keep them warm, but the chemicals present in the foil can also contaminate the food. So let’s know some health tips. How safe it is to keep food in aluminum foil and why should you refrain from keeping food in it?

According to Jean Harry, a toxicologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, ‘Aluminum contains many neurotoxic elements. Especially keeping acetic things on the foil will have to be avoided.

Disadvantages of Aluminum tightening in the body

  • Aluminum melts when it is very hot. Eating food increases the risk of Alzheimer’s.
    Due to excessive use of Aluminum, the bones of the body also start melting.
    The risk of osteoporosis increases with the increase in the amount of Aluminum.
  • Increased risk of kidney failure.
  • May cause Alzheimer’s and dementia.

How to keep food organized

Pack in an airtight container. Its most significant advantage is that air will not be able to enter from anywhere. In addition, it will also keep bacteria away from the food. Therefore, instead of aluminum foil, an airtight container can also be used.

Store in fridge

You can store food in the fridge too. Small creatures go dormant in the fridge. And do not harm the food items. Therefore, food items are often kept in the refrigerator in glass containers.