Health Tips: Cumin and jaggery water will save from seasonal infection, learn how to make

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Health Tips: Cumin is used very well in tempering food. At the same time, the use of jaggery has increased a lot in terms of health. Now people are replacing sugar with jaggery. On the other hand, both jaggery and cumin are rich in nutrients. Many people consume only jaggery or cumin water in the morning. But consuming both together helps in getting rid of many diseases. So let’s know the health benefits of drinking cumin and jaggery water and how to make it –

How to make cumin and jaggery water

Take one and a half glasses of water, add a teaspoon of cumin and a little jaggery to it. Boil the water till it remains half a glass. And drink it when it is lukewarm.

Benefits of drinking cumin and jaggery water

  1. Clear the mucus – According to a study conducted in Food Chemistry 2009, antioxidants and minerals are present in jaggery, which helps clear the mucus accumulated in the lungs. It also improves the digestion process. A glass of jaggery and cumin water should be used daily to get rid of root-fed diseases.
  2. Improve digestion – After eating food, people often eat curd or jaggery, strengthening the digestive system. Those who are going through constipation, digestion problem, they must consume jaggery and cumin water.
  3. Boost Immunity – Many people get tired very quickly, feel weak, and fall prey to fever or infection very quickly. In this case, the water of jaggery and cumin should be consumed.