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Health Report: Indian hospitals buys a waste and unsafe syringes from UK.

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London, The syringes declared by the UK’s National Health Service are reaching hospitals in India and it is possible that they have been used in some of the hospitals in the country. The news of ‘The Sunday Times’ has said that the restricted Greaseby Syringes Drivers have been sent to hospitals and medical organizations in countries like India, South Africa and Nepal.

In the year 2010, equipment from NHS was phased out in a phased manner. This was done after security warnings and these warnings were released in the year 1995.

During the investigation the newspaper got a notice which was released by the Isle of White NHS Trust in December 2011. It has been asked to remove Greaseby MS 16 and MS 26 syringe drivers. It has been said about these syringes that they will be donated to charitable organizations of developing countries.