Health: Boost immunity like this, the year 2022 will be healthy and happy

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As the new year has started, everyone is making various promises. While people are talking about improving and strengthening their relationships, on the other hand, people are planning to stay fit. Often we think about keeping ourselves fit, but when it comes to eating homemade food, we tend to hesitate and run towards the market food. We all know very well how harmful outside food is for health. They not only increase the weight but also harm the immunity badly. Due to which the immunity level decreases.

In today’s era, where the havoc of Corona has started once again, it is vital to take care of immunity. Recently, Kareena Kapoor’s fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar shared a post on her social media about ways to stay happy and healthy and boost immunity. Rujuta said that ‘Eat home food, don’t do drama, keep the phone by your side through her post.’ Rujuta has told the mantra to be happy and healthy in 2022.

The phone is harmful to health
Many people habit that they do not stay away from the phone. Despite knowing how much it is harmful to health. According to a report by IDC, about 80 percent of people check their mobile within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. The reality is that people are getting addicted to mobiles, and they cannot stop themselves even if they want to. It has a negative effect on your body and mind, because of which you have immunity week.