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HDFC Bank CEO and MD, Aditya Puri, Retired Yesterday

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The bank of a country plays an important in the economy. So, all the banks must be managed by the best person. In the Indian banking industry, all the banks are managed by renowned persons. These people are the best in their skills and excel in their field. But as we know, retirement also takes place after a period of time.

So, the same happened in HDFC Bank. CEO and MD of HDFC retired yesterday. Aditya puri was the CEO and MD for the past 26 years. And HDFC is also the biggest private bank in India. By this, we can analyze how renowned he was in his field. After Aditya Puri, Sashidhar Jagdishan is the CEO and MD now.

His work has always been the best. He was working for the HDFC for many years. And he contributed a lot towards the growth of HDFC. Yesterday, Aditya Puri set up a meeting with colleagues virtually. In this meeting, he talked about his journey in the HDFC. RBI has a rule due to which a CEO of a bank can not be of more than 70 years. And with this rule only, Aditya Puri retired.

Jagdishan’s Work for the HDFC

Jagdishan has been essential for the bank since 1996 and assumed a basic function in supporting the development direction of the bank. With a general encounter of more than 30 years, Jagdishan has broad information and involvement with the fields of banking, money, and financial aspects, the bank said.

“The board places on record its deep and sincere appreciation for the exceptional contribution made by Puri, and wishes him the very best for his future endeavors,” the bank said in a statement. “As the MD of the bank since its inception in the year 1994, Puri has provided outstanding leadership and has contributed significantly to enable the bank scale phenomenal heights,” it said.

HDFC’s rival ICICI tweeted, “#ICICIBank thanks you, Mr. Aditya Puri, for your contribution to the Indian banking industry. Throughout your illustrious career spanning decades, you have been an inspiration to many. We wish you the very best for your future endeavors.”