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Have you watched Messiah Netflix Series? You must watch…Season 2 coming soon.

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Messiah’s team is still genuinely thanking people for massive success and warm response to Season 1. I am sure all are very excited about the next season because there are many untold secrets and many things are still hidden. 

We are assuming after seen some plot pictures.

Release Date 

We can say Netflix is still stuck with the release date or probably puzzled and we have no clue when Netflix is going to take a step forward to reveal the release date. But according to some news, it might release in March. Don’t think in a different ways like series is deleted or removed maybe they can edit some things after measuring their odds but for sure soon they are going to take the final call. 

Cast Details 

  1. Mehdi Dehbdi (Al- Masih)

2. Tomer Sisley (Aviram Dahan)

3. Michelle Monaghan (Eva Geller) 

4. Melinda Page Hamilton (Anna Iguero)

5. John Ortiz ( Felix Iguero)

6. Stefania Lavie Owen (Rebecca Iguero)

We hope this incredible team will do their job in a perfect way and we can definitely count on their abilities and hope audiences all over the world will be able to relate to all of the characters.

Will there be Another season ?

Of course, the story is incomplete and has many twists and turns. A CIA officer Eva Geller investigates the obscure figure, whom she mistrusts of being a global fraud artist. For stewing, viewers for hidden mysteries and are navigating about the real truths which are unfolded yet and of course completely undeniable.

Plot Picture leaked

Al – Masih appears to know and quote from Muslims, Christians and Jewish scriptures and preaches an End time, teaching of love and peace that seems to be a blend of all major Abrahamic faith ” History is over”. With this kind of honest and amazing plot, it’s not wrong if your expectations are high for season 2.