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Harvard study: India is more powerful than China right now. India also has the most sophisticated air force. No country in the world is better than India in terms of fighting in high areas.

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Tensions in the two countries are at a peak after clashes with Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh. There seems to be no solution to the ongoing military and diplomatic meeting on the deadlock on the border. At the same time, in view of the increasing tension, the armies of both countries have further strengthened their presence in the LAC area. The Chinese government-backed media often insinuate to India that they are superior to India in terms of military strength, but the real story is exactly the opposite.

The situation is opposite since 1962

When China invaded India by deception in the Himalayan region in 1962, the Indian Army was not ready to fight a war in this high altitude. In a month-long battle, the Chinese army captured Aksai Chin and declared a ceasefire. China claimed that 700 of its soldiers were killed in this war, while more than a thousand soldiers of the Indian Army were killed.

China will not stand in front of the Indian Army
China is traditionally believed to be far ahead of India in terms of military strength. However, a recent study by the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Boston and a new American Security Center in Washington said that the Indian Army specializes in fighting in high-altitude areas. The Chinese army does not fire around it either.

Both countries with nuclear weapons, no first use policy
Although the chances of war between India and China are very low, it cannot be completely ruled out given the mischief of China. Experts said that even in the event of war, both countries would like to avoid the use of their nuclear weapons stockpiles. Because in this case, both countries are almost equal. In today’s time, both countries have the power to carry out nuclear attacks with water, land, and sky. Let us tell that China became a nuclear power country in 1964, while India in 1974. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report released in 2020, China has about 320 nuclear bombs and India has more than 150. Both countries talk of a “no first use” policy.

India is also strong in Air Force strength
According to a study published in March by the Belfer Center, India has about 270 combat aircraft and 68 ground attack fighter jets. At the same time, India has built several airstrips along the border with China from where these fighter jets can easily fly. At the same time, according to this study, China also has a fleet of 157 fighter jets and a small drone. In this study, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force of China uses eight bases in the border area with India, but most of them are civilian airspace.

Indian fighter aircraft more effective than China
According to this study by the Belfer Center, the Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 and Sukhoi SU 30 fighter aircraft have an edge over China’s J-10, J-11, and SU-27 fighter jets. China has deployed these aircraft along the border with India. The Indian Mirage 2000 and SU-30 jets are all-weather, multi-role aircraft, while China’s J-10 has such qualifications. Belfer’s study shows that China has strengthened its eastern and southern parts to protect it from the perceived threat of the US. Due to this, its four airfields in the western region have been weakened.

This loss to Chinese fighter planes in Tibet
The study claimed that Chinese fighter jets could fly with half their payload and fuel only because of the high altitude of Chinese air bases in Tibet and Xinjiang, the generally difficult geographical and weather conditions in the region. Whereas, Indian fighter aircraft can attack with full capacity. China’s aerial refueling capacity also means reduced air refueling capacity. He does not have a sufficient number of aerial tankers.

India’s army is very strong and experienced from China
Few reports state that the Indian Army is superior and experienced in every situation compared to the Chinese Army. The Indian Army has great war experience that hardly any other country in the world has. Even today, the Indian Army is fighting terrorism in Kashmir and Pakistan. The Indian Army has mastered limited and low-intensity conflicts, while China’s PLA has not experienced the brutality of war since its conflict with Vietnam in 1979.

China has lost to Vietnam
China fought for a month in 1979 in response to Vietnam’s military intervention in Cambodia. It is believed that the Chinese army ran away seeing its defeat. More experienced Vietnamese soldiers were heavily outnumbered and heavily damaged by the US military fighting the war. China’s military numbers can also be misleading. There is a big flaw in the number of Chinese troops it tells.

China’s army is also less in front
Military units included in China’s PLA are assigned to suppress rebellions in Xinjiang or Tibet or to deal with any potential conflict on China’s border with Russia. It is not possible for China to carry troops from here to the Indian border because the Indian Air Force can target China’s rail lines. At the same time, the Indian Army is already present in large numbers in these areas.