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Harley Davidson Joining Hands with Hero MotoCorp

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This pandemic affected the Indian economy and the auto industry to a huge extent. Many auto industry players suffered losses like never before. And the demand for vehicles went down by so much extent that no one expected. Due to this one of the world’s largest brands for bikes decided to leave the country. This brand was Harley Davidson.

But now Harley Davidson is joining hands with Hero MotoCorp. Hero MotoCorp is India’s largest two-wheeler producing company. And now Harley Davidson is going to sell its two-wheelers through this company. And in this way, Harley Davidson will stay in India.

This came after they all came to an agreement. As per the agreement Hero MotoCorp will sell the Harley Davidson bikes. And also they will sell the part of motorcycles, merchandise, gears, and apparel. And for the same, the same dealerships of Hero MotoCorp will be there. No additional showroom or dealership network will open.

According to an authorizing bargain, Hero MotoCorp will create and sell the scope of premium bikes under the Harley-Davidson brand name, the announcement added. “These actions are aligned with Harley-Davidson’s business overhaul, The Rewire, and the company’s announcement in September to change its business model in India,” the statement said.

About Hero MotoCrop the Partner of Harley Davidson

Hero Motocorp Ltd., some time ago Hero Honda, is an Indian worldwide cruiser and bike producer. It is present in New Delhi, India. The organization is the biggest bike maker on the planet, and furthermore in India, where it has a piece of the overall industry of about 46% in the bike class. The 2006 Forbes rundown of the 200 World’s Most Respected Companies had Hero Honda Motors positioned at #108. On 31 March 2013, the market capitalization of the organization was ₹30,800 crore (identical to ₹420 billion or US$5.9 billion out in 2019).

Hero Honda began its tasks in 1984 as a joint endeavor between Hero Cycles (at times called Hero Group, not to be mistaken for the Hero Group food organization of Switzerland) of India and Honda of Japan.