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Halloween – Know History and Significance here!

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Halloween is a world-famous festival. People wait for this day and celebrates this day with the utmost excitement. This day is celebrated today, on October 31. This day is mainly famous in countries like the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the United States, and Canada. Also, another name for the day is All Saints’ Eve. To remember the dead is the main reason behind this day’s celebration.

This day is celebrated in different ways. Some go to church and light candles on the graves of the dead. And at the same time, people wear scary costumes and go to Halloween parties. Also, children celebrate this day by listening to scary stories, trick-or-treat, watching horror films, and many more ways.

History of Halloween

The origin of Halloween goes back to thousands of years. It is known that around 2,000 years ago it started. As per Britannica, “The celebration marks the day before the Western Christian feast of All Saints and initiates the season of Allhallowtide, which lasts three days and concludes with All Souls’ Day.” In some countries, this day is known as the end of a year. And the next day the New Year begins in these countries. And in other countries like Europe and American, it is an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on the last day of harvest.


In different parts of the world, people try to frighten away evil spirits. And they try to welcome good spirits. Also, as this day comes in winter, people put lights and candles too to make the atmosphere warm. And at the same time bonfires are a great way to celebrate this day. In the US it is also a principal holiday. But in India, it is not. But as this year, Valmiki Jayanti and Sharad Purnima are on the same day as Halloween, some can enjoy the holiday.

As we all know this year’s world is suffering from Covid-19. So, Halloween too will be light this year. Celebrations and gatherings are dangerous at this time. So, people are advised to celebrate Halloween this year at their home only. You can spend time with your family watching a horror film. Or do face time with friends and family wearing Halloween clothes.