Haircare: If you want beautiful wavy black hair, then try the tips given here

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Haircare: Who does not want beautiful wavy hair, but where does it happen. In the absence of pollution and nutrition, the hair becomes thin, starts falling, and this problem increases in the changing season. Let’s know some extraordinary things about hair and haircare.

Like skin, the hair also needs nutrients, and most of all need oil massage. Therefore, take out time for oil massage once a week.

Oil massage for strong hair

Oil massage strengthens the hair from the root and makes the hair grow faster.
By applying oil regularly, the hair becomes silky soft.
Oil massage gives a feeling of relaxation, as well as removes stress.
Considering the length of the hair, take coconut oil, i.e. coconut oil, in a bowl. Then add some curry leaves and heat them lightly. Now apply it to the hair and gently massage the scalp.
Mix the juice of one orange in 1/2 cup of olive oil. Heat the mixture lightly and apply it to the hair while massaging the scalp with light hands. Wash the hair after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water.

Baby oil is also beneficial for hair. For this, beat the yellow part of 1 egg well. When the foam starts to form, add 1 tsp baby oil and won it for some more time. Now add a little water to this mixture and apply it to the hair while massaging the scalp. Wash hair after 20 minutes.

Hair Pack for haircare

If your hair has become dry and lifeless, apply an almond and jojoba oil hair pack.
For normal hair, you can apply a sandal hair pack.
Apply henna to the hair 2-3 hours before washing hair. Mehndi makes hair soft, strong, and thick.
After shampoo, apply a paste of Multani mitti in the hair and wash the hair after 1 hour. This is a great conditioner.

Keep the following things in mind while shampooing your hair:
If you have oily hair, shampoo daily or the next day except for one.
Normal hair at least a week

Curly hair is dry and tough; shampoo should be used once or twice a week for this dry hair.
Apply shampoo to the hair with fingertips. This removes the dirt from the hair and cleans the scalp thoroughly.

Be sure to apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo, especially if your hair is dry. If you have oily hair, avoid using conditioner daily, and if you have normal, you can use it every day or even for a day.

Hair serum for haircare
Use hair serum after shampoo and conditioner to add shine to your hair. It is more suitable for dry and curly hair than normal hair. It also causes less hair breakage.