Haircare: If you do not want tangling and scattered hair when you wake up in the morning, then follow these tips

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Haircare: After waking up in the morning or at any time, the hair starts looking tangled and scattered. In such a situation, if you want to make a good hairstyle without washing the hair, then there is some problem. Come, let us tell you some such work haircare tips, by adopting which even after waking up in the morning, the hair will look straight and settled –

1) Tie the hair –

Before sleeping, the hair should be tied with a light rubber. Due to this, they break and tangle less the following day, and their growth is also good.

2) Don’t sleep with dirty hair

If your hair has become dirty due to traveling somewhere, do not stop till morning to wash them, but sleep after washing them at night. Sleeping with messy hair clogs the pores of the head.

3) Don’t sleep with wet hair

Don’t sleep with wet hair if you don’t want to lift with tangled, tangled hair. Try to sleep only when the hair is dehydrated.

4) Comb before sleeping

Make it a habit to comb your hair before sleeping.

5) Apply oil

Applying oil to the hair 2-3 times a week provides essential nutrients and stops its fall.

6) Serum use

Those who are unable to apply oil to their hair regularly can also apply the serum. It does not tangle the hair. Many people also consider it an alternative to oil. While using the serum, it is also essential to apply it in the right amount.