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Hafiz’s JuD took this trick to participate elections.

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Lahore, The mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack and the terrorist Hafeez Saeed, the organization of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD) will fight in the general election of Allah-u-Akbar Tehrik on May 25. The reason is that the Milli Muslim League, the terrorist organization of the terrorist organization JUD, has not been registered as a political party.

The JUD may have established the Milli Muslim League Front but it has not been approved by the Pakistan Election Commission, so it has decided to contest the elections from any other party platform. Where the general elections are close, then the organization of Hafiz has decided to contest the elections with the ‘inactive’ party, Allahu Akbar Tehreek, which is recognized by the Election Commission.

A member of the JUD said that there are many parties recognized by the Election Commission, which are arranged just before the election so that if any party faces any problems, then help can be taken. The Milli Muslim League will make a formal announcement in this regard soon. The JUD member said that the election symbol of Allah-u-Akbar Tehrik is “chair” and JUD / Allah-i-Akbar Tehreek will use the ‘Chair’ symbol in the whole country. However, Hafiz Saeed has decided to contest an independent election.

It may be mentioned that Hafiz and his four associates Abdullah Ubaid, Malik Jafar Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Abid and Qazi Qasif Hussain are under detention in Lahore from January 20. In June 2014, the United States declared the JUD as a terrorist organization. With this, the US has declared a Crores of US Dollars on Hafiz.