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Hafiz’s arrest not up to next order: Lahore High Court.

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Lahore, The Lahore High Court has asked the Punjab and state government to arrest neither the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and the arrest of Hafeez Mohammed Sayeed, the donor of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and further detain him till the next order.

Hafiz’s petition against arrest
Hafiz Saeed filed a petition in the court on January 23 for his possible arrest and argued that the Pakistani government wants to arrest him after coming under pressure from India and the United States.

According to Dawn of Pakistan, according to Dawn of Hafiz, the Lahore Court has ordered the Punjab and state-related government not to arrest him and asked for an answer to Hafiz’s allegations. The government failed to respond and today sought more time from the court during the hearing. The Lahore High Court disappointed over the government failing to comply with the order and gave time till April 4 to file a reply.

Pak’s lie in front of you, helplessly hanging Hafiz
On the other hand, the activities of Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan are continuing. He is doing his job from the hustle and his headquarter is also going without any obstruction. Walking and working of Hafiz is covering the lies of Pakistan, in which he said that he has banned Hafiz and other terrorist organizations.

Pakistan, which has become infamous for sheltering terror, is still trying hard to save Hafiz. The special thing is that the US had banned Hafiz and other terrorist organizations including his terrorist organization Jamat-ud-Dawa. Under this, these terrorist organizations and their monks could neither comfortably work in Pakistan or roam freely. Pakistan itself claimed that Hafiz Saeed and the assets of both the organizations and their accounts have been sealed, but the truth is something else.

Hafiz is not afraid of anyone
Pakistan has not taken any concrete action at Hafiz so far. For years, he has been creating conspiracies against India. From the attack on the Indian Parliament to the Mumbai attacks, neither did Hafiz execute many exploits, but Pakistan acted on it only for appearances. The result of this is that Hafiz has no fear and he is still uncomfortable. Despite being in the hit list of America and India, Hafiz has no fear.

According to the agency, an official from the Punjab province of Pakistan said that the government has not banned Saeed and his colleagues from going to any of their headquarters and office.