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Hafiz Saeed is facing more restrictions . Control of Charity Institutions in the hands of the Pak Government.

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Islamabad, The Pakistani government can ban all charities associated with the terrorist gangster Hafeez-Saeed’s Jamaat-Ud. But, running these institutions for the Pakistan government will be a big challenge. ANI has given this report by quoting a foreign news agency.

Islamabad hopes that controlling charity institutions of Jamaat-ud-Drugs (JUD) and Fal-e-Innerity Foundation (FIF) can save Pakistan from joining the Global Watch List. Let the United States recognize these organizations as a terrorist organization.

According to the report, the number and diversity of these charities established by Hafiz Saeed is very high. And for the government it would be very difficult to manage this network. For this funding and income sources of these institutions will also be brought into control.

The security of important institutions of Jamaat-ud-Dawa is done through CCTV cameras, large iron doors, strong walls and guards. Apart from this, there is also a 200-acre headquarter in Muridke outside Lahore. The names of these institutions have to be changed but according to the report, a slight change has been made after the ban order on 14th February.

The Government of Pakistan and the Government of Punjab province have yet to plan to prepare the network, which will allow more than 300 madarsas, schools, hospitals, a publishing house and ambulance services to run. With the advice of the central government, the plans for managing these institutions are being worked out.

Hafiz Saeed, one of the founders of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), is a US $ 10 million prize. In a meeting this week, members of the Financial Action Task Force and an Inter-Governmental Body (which sets standards around the world for illegal money standards) discussed about Pakistan. This decision is part of the US border policy, which aims at pressurizing Pakistan to end the alleged ties with Islamic militants. Pakistan was involved in the ‘Gray List’ of the Financial Action Task Force between 2012 and 2015.

It is worth mentioning that all charity organizations of Jamaat-ud-Dawa are just like before. Muridke goes to Headquarters in around 500 visitors every day. There are about 3,000 students and employees in this institute who oversee lawn, rice fields, sports grounds, hostels, residential colonies, swimming pools and horse stables. The second largest institute is the Hudaabya madrassa in Chakra on the outskirts of Rawalpindi, where there are about 160 students, 22 teachers and more than a dozen staff. A caretaker has been invited there after the government takeover.

Third institute located in the Chinchin of Rawalpindi. This is a huge mosque, which was under construction. Here there are donations banners for Kashmir, Palestine and Syrian Muslims.

Let me tell you that Pakistan has denied accusations of supporting Islamic terrorists imposed by Washington, New Delhi and other countries. Pakistan has been accused of supporting terrorists in Afghanistan and in disputed Kashmir.