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Hackers steal Rs 94 crores from Cosmos Bank of Pune in 2 days.

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Pune, Suspected hackers blew Rs 94.42 crore from Cosmos Bank here, which were transferred to accounts of different domestic and foreign banks. This bank is the second oldest and second largest cooperative bank in the country. The police gave this information on Tuesday. On August 11 and August 13, fraudulently transactions were done from 25 ATMs including Canada, Hong Kong and some ATMs of India.

The bank says that this cyber attack has not happened on its Core Banking System (CBS), but the payment gateway of Visa and Rupee debit cards has been targeted. An official of the Bank said that this cyber attack will not allow any customer to suffer losses, the bank will bear the entire loss itself.

According to the FIR written by the officials from Cosmos Bank, in the Chaturshringi police station, the bank was attacked twice on Saturday and Sunday on the cyber attack. The complaint said that the first attack took place on August 11 from 3 pm to 10 pm, while the cyber attack on August 13 was around 1:30 in the morning. This resulted in the work of bank’s headquarter at Ganeshkhand Marg.

A police official said that during the cyber attack, the attackers from the bank’s headquarters server also blown away the details of customers’ visas and Rupee debit cards. According to preliminary estimates, hackers sent out 78,000 rupees in Hong Kong’s back accounts to other countries, including Hong Kong, through 12,000 visa card transactions.

Police said that amount of Rs. 2.50 crore was transferred to different accounts of different banks of the country through 2,849 transactions. Before the bank could do something on these attacks The hackers transferred the 13.92 crores to SWM trading in Swing Transaction in the latest attack on Monday (August 13th) to Hong Kong Bank’s ALM Trading Ltd., and immediately after that the amount was withdrawn from the account.