How hackers robbed $ 500 million bitcoin?

How hackers robbed $ 500 million bitcoin?

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“It was a very professional attack, hackers used very effective engineering methods, they wanted to completely destroy us.”
It was to say that Marco is director of Kobal, who is managing the Bitcoin, Slovenia’s company, NiceHash
Kobal says that he and his companions are shocked by this robbery lying on Bitcoin. The hackers who were involved in stealing more than 4700 bitcoin were not able to locate it, but discussions about the safety of Bitcoin have started.
Hackers cleared hands on Bitcoin of approximately $ 80 million (Rs 500 million) on Wednesday.
So far, it was claimed that it is almost impossible to break into the virtual currency launched in 2009.
Kothal also addressed investors through Facebook Live for Bitcoin investors who did not want to be fooled by this theft. They warned hackers, “We will not leave any of you.”

He said that local and international forensic experts have been examined. However, during the Facebook Live, the anger of the investors was frozen at them and the company had to listen to the good of this dent in security.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no government control. This currency has not been issued by any bank. Since it is not a currency of any country, there is no tax on this. Bitcoin is completely hidden and it can be kept hidden from the government.

Also it can be bought or sold directly anywhere in the world.
Initially, these crypto currency was earned in exchange for extremely complex tasks on the computer.

How does this work?
Each bitcoin computer has a file that is placed in the digital wallet of a smartphone or computer. Each transaction is entered in the common list and it is called Blockchain. Since this currency is only in the code, therefore it can not be forfeited or destroyed.

How does this get?
There are three main ways to achieve Bitquine: They should be purchased with real money, second, instead of products and services, which are paid in Bitcoin and third, they can be purchased through new companies, which have their own virtual currency.

How to evaluate?
Bitquines are valuable because people are willing to buy them for real goods and services. Even by paying cash, people do not hesitate to buy bitquine.