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Hackers deposited in the account of TRAI Chief, claiming to be Details leak from Aadhar database.

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Ethical hackers claimed to have bank details of TRAI Chief RS Sharma. Hackers said this via twitter. Not only this, users have posted screenshots for sending Sharma Rs 1 to Sharma through base payment service apps such as Bhim and Paytm. Not only that, the transaction ID of the money deposited in Sharma’s account has been posted. Sharma had posted his Aadhaar number 7621 7768 2740 on Saturday and challenged the people who criticized the base, if they could show them harm if possible. We do not confirm any data of RS Sharma.

On Sunday, Ethical Hackers – Illian Alderson, Pushpendra Singh, Kanishka Sajnani, Anivar Arvind and Karan Saini – said that their 14 publications have been leaked so far. These information include the mobile number of the telecom regulatory authority of India, home address, birthdate, PAN number, voter ID number, telecom operator, phone model and Air India Frequent flyer ID.

Not only this, hackers also claimed to have 5 bank accounts and IFSC codes. These include Sharma’s PNB, SBI, Kotak Mahindra, Bank of India and ICICI Bank account. Anivar Arvind and many others also claimed to send 1 rupee through AEPS to Sharma’s Bank of India account. Twitter users alerted the Trai Chairman and said that being able to send them money without their approval could be due to their blackmailing, money laundering and other threats.

Not only this, hackers also posted the details of Sharma’s demat account. Apart from this, the history of payment of a right-wing website has also been posted to SBI Debit Card of three years’ subscription. Although the issuing entity, the Unique Identification Authority of India said that this card is completely safe and secure.