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H-1B visa holders may find shock in the US, preventing the spouse from working.

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Washington: The US has tightened the rules for H-1B visa holders even more. This decision of the Trump administration can create distances between the life partner of H-1B visa holders. Actually, the Trump administration can prevent the spouse of H-1B visa holders (spouse) from working in America. Trump administration is considering canceling the rule made during Obama’s tenure.
It is being told that this move can affect the Indian and their families working in the US. Life spouses of H-1B visa holders awaiting the green card since 2015 are allowed to work on the H-4 Dependent Visa. This rule was introduced during former President Barack Obama’s tenure. More than 41,000 H-4 visas were allowed to work in 2016, by June this year, more than 36,000 H-4 visa holders have been allowed to work.
The Homeland Security Department of America (DHS) said, “DHS is proposing to abolish its rules that make the husband or wife of H-1B visaholders eligible to work.” According to the notice, the changes in the rules are being kept in view of President Donald Trump’s ‘By American and Higher American’ policy. Trump had given this mantra earlier this year. It is notable that the Trump administration is preparing for a change in the H-1B program, which will affect Indians widely. In the US, 70 percent Indians are eligible for H-1B visas. The H-1B visa is a popular method for high-skilled foreigners working in American companies.