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Got your heartbroken? Here are tips on how to get over a breakup


Breakups can be really ugly. The person who meant the world to you a few months ago is now just a stranger. I’m sure this affects your mental health in a very bad way. You try to get over that person but you just can’t. You can’t forget the moments spent with him or her, the things he or she said to you, and a lot more. You have a special connection with him or her. But you can’t go back to him or her and you also can’t continue to be friends. So, I’m going to tell you what you need to do to get over your ex. I really hope this helps you, here we go.

• Say yes to all Social invitations

I know this will be super difficult, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The experience after you accept those invitations and mingle around will help you realize that you can make new friends. This will also remind you that you can be single without being ‘alone’.

• Rebuild your self-esteem

After a breakup, it’s very common to start picking apart your physical appearance and personality traits, questioning what areas in that caused the breakup. Instead, focus on what you really value in yourself and what qualities you brought to the relationship.

• Let go off the idea of closure

One thing you need to understand is that underneath the desperate need for closure is a secret desire to get back together. If the other person isn’t able to tell you why they no longer want to be with you, tell yourself that the fact that your former partner couldn’t commit, or didn’t love enough, is the only explanation you need to close the chapter and move on.

• Avoid having a rebound

When you make impulsive decisions, like jumping headfirst into another relationship, it means you’re trying to find a way to avoid feeling hurt. Instead, let yourself acknowledge the pain and understand that being a responsible person means dealing with it. Be willing to go through the pain.

• Try new places

Once a week, find a café or a restaurant you’ve never been to and invite at least one friend to go there with you. This will help to break up your usual routine and get away from the places that you’d always go with your former partner.

• Write down all their negative qualities

I saved the best one for the last. Compile the list of each and every annoying quality they possess. List down all the compromises you had to make in the relationship. Keep that list safe and close to you so you can refer back to it whenever you start thinking they were so perfect.