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Google’s new social networking site ‘Shoelace’ is coming soon.

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Google updates with its old services and continues to bring new services to users. Google is now preparing to introduce ‘Shoelace’ in this episode. Shoelace is Google’s social networking platform. Google recently closed Google+ on its old social networking platform. Google tried very hard to keep this up but it was not a tick in front of social networking platform like Facebook, Instagram.

Preparation to make space in social networking space
With Shoelace, Google will once again try to strengthen its grip in the social networking space. Prior to this, users have rejected Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz also. After Google’s closure in April Google is now going to return with Shoals. Its feature, named Shoelace, can be estimated that Google’s social networking platform will work to connect people. It will be based on the activity and event that is going to be close to the user.

The adventures of users will be filled in the life
Google wants to supercharge this service user to social life. For this, the Shoals will also work together to connect with similar thinking users. Users like Google Shoelace have a similar interest.

Will be able to plan activities and events
The ‘loop’ given in the app will allow users to take part in the event and activity as well as participate in it. In a way, it can be called a hyperlocal app, which is similar to the Facebook event. This feature can prove to be great work for those who have shifted to a new city or want to know the city well.

Launch After Testing
This product has been developed by Google’s Workshop Area 120, whose main purpose is real-world connection. Compared to other social networks, Google will launch it at a smaller level. Currently Google Shoelace will be tested in New York. After successful testing, Google will launch it in other cities as well. However, they can not be said about the angle of the city. The Shoals app will work on Android and iOS.