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Google Third Eye: Location setting is off, yet Google looks at your steps.

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San francisco, Whether you want it or not, but the giant Google keeps an eye on your every activity. Where you go, he keeps a complete record of it. This is revealed in a news agency investigation. In the investigation it has been found that there are many Google services on Android and iPhone that keep track of your location despite using personal settings.

It simply means that even if your location setting is turned off, Google still keeps an eye on you. Experts are calling it a risk for privacy. Researchers have confirmed this by researching computer science at Princeton University. Google says that this will help the company to keep record of where the user is currently.

Google wrote about it on its side page, ‘Where are you going after location history even though it can not be stored in Google. it is not true. In the event of a location history pause, automatic location data can be kept secure through some Google applications.

After this new arrangement, the privatization of millions of people will definitely be affected. Millions of users who use Google Android and use Google Maps in the iPhone will have an impact on them. The chief technologist of the FEDAL Commission Information Bureau, formerly Princeton University, says, “It is wrong to keep track of the track even after the user has deleted the location data. If you give the user history turn off facility, then it should be completely out of record. ‘

Google has to say, “Google can use the location differently to give its users better access. There are location history, web and app activity and other device level location services. ‘