Google Switch

Google Switch to Android app made it easy to transfer data from iPhones to Android phones


Google has finally released the “Switch to Android” software for iPhone users, which allows them to seamlessly transfer data from their iPhones to their Android phones. Because the ecosystems of both mobile phones are so dissimilar, transferring from one to the other used to be a difficult undertaking. Users will be able to effortlessly transfer data such as images, movies, and contacts from iPhones to Android phones using this new programme, which will eliminate the need for cables, memory sticks, or any other assistance. The iOS App Store has a version of ‘Switch to Android.’ “The Switch to Android software from Google allows you easily and securely transfer your most critical data types – images, movies, contacts, and calendar events – to a fresh new Android smartphone without finicky cords,” Google said.

How to use the new Google Switch to Android app

By using the Android phone as a hotspot, users may wirelessly transmit data from the iPhone to any Android phone. Not only will this assist with photographs, contacts, and media, but it will also aid with the setup of a new Android smartphone. The new software will also show customers how to disable Apple’s iMessage service so they don’t miss essential text messages from friends and family. While transferring texts from an iPhone to an Android phone, the software will prompt you to turn off iMessage. The software syncs all images, videos, calendar events, and contacts stored locally on the smartphone, and the iCloud syncs data to Google Drive directly.

Before you begin transferring data from your iPhone to your Android phone, keep in mind that only iOS 12 and later are supported. To finish the transfer to an Android smartphone, the software requests a series of permissions to access data on the user’s iPhone.