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Google offers 3 new features for Gmail users, messages can be downloaded.

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Recently, after updating to the Gmail Web Client, it has already been more user-friendly, with many new features added in it. Now Google is simply adding undo and redo shortcuts to the compose window. In the past in April, Google also made several major changes while upgrading its e-mail service. Its design and look were also completely changed.

Undo and Redo shortcuts in the compose mail window
In the latest Gmail update, the Redo and Undo shortcuts have been added to the compose window’s taskbar itself. Earlier Google had given options like font type and size on this taskbar. Positioning of these new shortcuts was important because users used them most when typing mail. The undo button apparently restores the last change, while the Redo button repeats it.

Separated Add-on-Strike-Through Button
These shortcuts will be very helpful for users who have a habit of clicking the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts and it seems easy. In addition to these two shortcuts, the strike-through button has also been added to the taskbar. Google says that the strike-through shows that any task has been completed or it also gives edit to the adjustment. This is being seen as a visual language change.

Make the messages in EML format Download
Google has written in its blog post, “We had heard from the users that there were many basic problems coming in writing mail. Apart from this, you could not show any visual change either. ‘ Also, if you want to download Gmail clients for offline use, this option is also directly added. You can download the message in EML format with one click.

Currently available only on Gmail Web Client
These features have been edited for all Gmail users and they have also started rolling out to GSuite users. If you do not see these changes yet, then you can wait a bit. These globally will be available in the next few days. However, these changes are only made in Google’s web client and they are not currently added to the Android or iOS app.