Google Messages

Google Messages will allow you to see your iMessage friends’ reactions


Google Messages is expected to bridge the gap between Android users and iMessage users. No, the green bubbles aren’t going away anytime soon, but Google is reportedly tweaking the app to make it easier for Android users to observe iMessage users’ reactions. Emojis will be used instead of written replies, which will make all responses verbose.

As a result, if your friend says “Haha,” you’ll see a laughing emoji instead of “Haha’I’m doing great!” Although Google has not yet announced it, these developments were discovered in the APK files of the Google Messages app by a leak. In essence, Google will map iMessage reactions and display them as emoticons. Isn’t that a clever approach to make texting more interesting?

Google Messages will display iMessage reactions

Aside from message reactions, Google is working on a feature that would remind you of a contact’s birthday. If the information in your contact’s profile includes a birthday, Messages will display an animated banner to remind you to wish them a happy birthday. This banner could appear in the chat window or in the list of conversations.

It will be interesting to watch whether something similar happens on Apple’s end. The iMessage ecosystem is exceptionally tight-knit, and it only works with iPhone users.

While Google strives to improve texting with iMessage users, WhatsApp, a rival messenger service, now wants to make moving chat backups between platforms more accessible. If you have an iPhone and wish to switch to an Android phone, you can directly export your WhatsApp chat history from your iPhone to your Android phone in its current state.

Currently, the feature is only available for Samsung customers, but WhatsApp plans to expand it to more Android phones in the future. The only way to transfer backups between these two systems previously was to pay for third-party services.