Google may eventually limit the amount of storage available for WhatsApp chat backups


As most Android users know, Google now provides WhatsApp users with unlimited storage capacity for their chat backups. That, however, is about to change. As per new report, Google may soon start considering some of the storage space used by WhatsApp users for chat backups.

According to a report from WABetaInfo, Google may soon start calculating the space taken up by WhatsApp backups on Google Drive, at least in part. According to the publication, the tech giant may stop providing limitless storage for WhatsApp backups. As part of the move, WhatsApp users will back up their chats on a limited plan (2000 MB or 2GB per user).

“This new plan hasn’t been disclosed yet, and everything could change in the next weeks,” the blog site stated, “but this is the premise behind the new approach to keep WhatsApp backups on Google Drive.”

If this occurs, WhatsApp will become the second platform, after Google Photos, to discontinue providing limitless storage capacity.

WhatsApp is allegedly working on a tool called Manage Backup Size to combat this shift. When this functionality is available, users will be able to control the size of their chat backups. According to screenshots posted by the blog site, users will be able to include or omit components like photos, audio, videos, documents, and other media assets in conversation backups.

“WhatsApp is also working on a new section where users may control the size of their backups. The user can utilize this area to prohibit specific media from being included in the next backup. According to the blog site, the feature is in the works and will be accessible in a future update.

This functionality is available in WhatsApp beta version for Android. When the company is finished developing the app, it will most likely be available in its primary app.