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Google Maps will alerts traffic rules as soon as it breaks, new ‘Speedometer’ feature has come up.

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Google has brought a new feature to its navigation app for the Android version of Google Maps. With the help of this ‘Speedometer’ feature, you will be able to know how much speed you are driving your car. This feature is visible in the ‘Settings’ menu of the Google Maps app and it can be manually turned on. Prior to this new feature, Google Maps has rolled out the Speed ​​Limit feature for all users in their app. Google has given this feature to users in 40 countries including India, including Speed ​​Limit and Speed ​​Camera Reporting Feature, after testing for two years in some countries.

Speed ​​cameras have been installed in many cities of India and in this case, this Google Maps feature can save you from filling traffic police and fine. The new Speed ​​Limit feature gives the user information on the speed limit fixed on the way and the speedometer will alert the driver on the same speed as the speed limit. On the Speedometer feature turned on, the driving speed will appear on the left side of the Google Maps screen. The speedometer feature of Google Maps will make the speedometer of the app alert you on running faster.

On fast trains, the indicator’s color will turn red, so that you can know that the traffic rules are breaking the rules by driving fast trains from the fixed limit. However, according to the speed of your mobile internet, results can come in a little late on the app. In this case, the speedometer of the car will be better used to know the speed of the car. In addition, users can also manually report speed camera or mobile speed camera in the app. When the rest of the users are on the navigation, a speed camera icon will appear in place.

To turn on this feature on Android devices, you first have to open the Google Maps app and go to its settings menu. From here you go to navigation settings, you will get the option to turn the speedometer on or off in ‘driving options’. Similarly, by tapping on the plus ‘+’ icon created on the right side of the navigation page, you can also report speed cameras, so that other users can find out. Apart from this, you can also report an accident or incident by tapping on the same icon. This feature is available in the latest App Update of all users in India.