Google is giving a HUGE makeover to its apps


Among all the huge highlights of Google I/O 2022, several little yet significant developments were unnoticed. They will, however, have a significant influence. During the speech, one such surprise was made, revealing that the company will show more affection for its larger screens. The IT behemoth intends to concentrate on the look of apps on tablets. This is consistent with the event’s overarching concept of design language and individualised interface. If you use an Android tablet, you’ll notice certain cosmetic changes to the most popular Google apps, such as Google Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, and others.

The Google I/O conference included a wide range of announcements, including new products such as the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro, as well as modifications to Android 13. And making Android more individualised through design innovation was a big topic of debate. It was all about the immersion of look and convenience, from home page apps that picked up the wallpaper’s hues to multi-language displays. This, however, is not confined to cellphones. Google’s design aesthetics will be extended to tablets as well. Let’s see which applications are getting new looks later this year.

Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Duo, Calculator, YouTube Music, Files app, Family connect app, and others are among the applications slated to receive major changes in the future Android releases. In certain apps, we already know what the changes will be, while in others, we’re still waiting to hear from the company about their plans. Regardless, we do know that practically all Google-powered applications will receive a visual update to make them more suitable for larger displays. So far, this is all we know.

Google Chrome: It is one of the few programmes that have a fantastic tablet experience. However, its multitasking capabilities will be improved, and a nicer appearance is promised when numerous tabs are open.

Gmail: Gmail is getting a makeover. Users will have a drawer button at the top of their Gmail interface for quick access to their folders and labels.

Google Maps: On tablets, Maps provides a split view. However, it looks like the company will now move the bottom bar to the left to improve visibility.

Calculator: A new layout with a two-column display will be added to provide customers additional buttons and operation tools at their fingers.

Files app: To make it more accessible and useful, the Files app will acquire a vertical design.

Family Link app: The navigation drawer in the Family Link app is receiving a makeover, with a new style and additional functions.

Google Duo: The video-calling software will gain more centralised controls to make it simpler to navigate on larger screens.

YouTube Music: To make the entire box small and allow additional features on the screen, the app will have a two-column view and a navigation rail.