Google has introduced iPhone-like features for Android 12


Google has updated Android 12 to include a new Back-tap capability akin to the iPhone and a comparable Quick Tap feature available only on Pixel smartphones. This enables users to do a variety of functions such as starting an application, managing utilities, mimicking button clicks, and much more. Apple iPhones already have a function called Rear Tap that allows users to double- or triple-tap the back of their devices to do various actions, like taking screenshots and launching Control Center. On any Android smartphone, follow these steps to install Quick Tap:

Users must download and install the free third-party app Tap. Tap from the Google Play Store in order to activate Tap Back/Quick Tap on an Android phone. Simply perform a search for the app and install it on your phone like any other app. Here’s how to activate double-triple tap activities on your mobile device once it has been downloaded.