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Google earned 33 thousand crores from the news business in 2018.

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Google earned $ 4.7 billion (about Rs 32,900 crore) from News Business last year. These earnings have happened through Google News or Search. This is a huge reduction in earnings from online advertising of media houses, which is a major source of income. Because of this, the operation of many media houses was limited or closed.

This information comes out in a report released on Monday by the News Media Alliance (NMA). NMA is an organization representing more than 2,000 American newspapers. News is a major contributor to Google’s business.

The New York Times quoted NMA President and Chief Executive David, that journalists who created this content (article and video) should get some part of this $ 4.7 billion. It has been said in the report that through Google’s search and Google news, Google has earned this from the work of newspapers and publishers in 2018. NMA warns that in this estimate, the value of Google’s income has not been added, which is from personal information that is collected every time a person likes or clicks on a single article.