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Google Doodle has created a beautiful GIF to celebrate Father’s Day 2022

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Father’s Day is commemorated on June 19 in most areas of the world. Google is also commemorating the event with a unique doodle of its own. The Google Doodle for today is a GIF wishing all fathers a very happy Father’s Day. Father’s Day is observed in India on the third Sunday in June. In addition, various nations have distinct dates for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is observed on March 19 in countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy. While Australia commemorates it on September 1st, the United States celebrates it on June 18th, among other countries.

All of the GIFS in today’s Google doodle for Father’s Day feature hands (one of the fathers and one of the child). The hands show the intimate tie that exists between a parent and his child wonderfully. A father is not only a provider for his family but also a protector who will not allow anybody to harm them in any manner. One of the GIF’s glimpses shows the father and child doing hand painting, while another shows them simply holding each other’s hands, another shows the child holding a spoon and the father giving food, and the final slide shows an old hand holding a stick for support and the child’s hand over the father’s hand.

Every year, Father’s Day is observed to honour and appreciate a father’s support, sacrifices, and many attempts to assist his child. 


Sonora Smart Dodd proposed a day to honour a father’s accomplishments in the United States. William Jackson Smart, Sonora’s father, was a military veteran who raised his six children alone. Anna Jarvis had invented International Mother’s Day in honour of her mother, Sonora had heard. As a result, she suggested to her pastor that something similar be done to honour dads.

So, to make your father’s day unique, simply chat with him and convey your affection for him. You may also offer him presents, send him notes, organise a date with him, or do something he enjoys. Simply said, make your father’s day special. Father’s Day greetings!