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Google Chrome’s new feature for Safe Internet Browsing, will be able to report the suspicious site.

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Google has launched an extension for Chrome browser for Safe Internet Browsing. This extension called Suspicious Site Reporter will be used to report suspicious websites. Google launched Safe Browsing Program in 2007 and this extension is also part of the same program.

This extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web. Once downloaded, it will appear with the other extension on the Chrome window just like the flag icon. If a user suspects a website during internet browsing, then he can click on it. After the click, this extension will tell you what kind of threat there is on that website. Along with this, it also gives an option to report to Google about the suspicious site.

This extension by default only sends the URL and IP address of the website to Google. In addition, it also gives a screenshot of that suspicious site to Google. It will depend on the user whether he wants to send a screenshot or not.

The 923KiB-size this act has come to us only a few days, that it has been complaining about the bug. This bug shows ‘1’ written on the orange flag, which means there is a problem in the site, but when it is clicked, it gives the message ‘Nothing Detected’.

Earlier this month, Google released Chrome 75 update for Android. This update has improved significantly in the performance as well as upgrading existing features. Version 75 of Google Chrome has also fixed the security bug ‘evil cursor’. It was said about this bug that it has been misinterpreted by the technology scam sites in the year 2018. Since the update the browser has already been more stable. Users can download this updated version from the Google Play Store.