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Google brought a ‘social distancing app’, will make a two-meter ring around the camera.

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Social distancing is being emphasized to avoid coronavirus infection and people are being advised to maintain distance among themselves. Google has created a great ‘social distancing’ app, helping people to maintain a distance of two meters among themselves. This Google app will create a virtual ring around you with the help of Augmented Reality (AR). For this, the app will take the help of a smartphone camera.

Google’s app is named Sodar and is designed to help people follow social distancing guidelines. With the help of this app, it will be known that another person is standing within the range of two meters and is not following social distancing. With the help of the phone’s camera, this app will create a 2-meter ring around the user and this ring can be seen from the phone’s camera. In such a situation, if someone comes inside your virtual ring, then you should be alerted.

Use of AR technology
Social distancing is very important to avoid coronavirus because it can help prevent the virus from spreading. Explaining this app, Google said, ‘Sodar app uses WebXR and shows visual distancing guidelines around you.’ Google said that with the help of this app, users can make a two-meter ring with augmented reality using their mobile device. It also gives a general idea that no one comes close.

You will be able to use this app
If you want to use this app from Google, then you have to go to After this, the QR code seen in front will have to be scanned from your smartphone. However, this app of Google is not available on Google Play Store or App Store. Right now it will only work on Android devices with the help of Google Chrome browser. After scanning the QR code, you will go to the mobile site and the virtual ring will be activated.