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Google brought a new feature like ShareIt, this option will be available on every Android phone.

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Users have been using the ShareIt app for a long time to share large files in smartphones, but recently it has been banned. The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps last week and they include Shareit and Xender. Users are now looking for other apps with such file sharing features and Google itself can bring relief. Google is testing a new feature, with the help of which large files can be shared in a few seconds.

It has been confirmed from Google that the new Nearby Share feature is coming soon and it works like Apple’s AirDrop option. With this help, Android users will be able to transfer wireless data from one device to another in a very short time. Google has also started beta testing of this new Nearby Share feature and users who are part of the public beta program are also getting a new update.

Update to all android phones
The new feature from the search engine company will be given to all devices with Android 6 and above. With the help of Apple’s AirDrop, Apple users can share contacts and photos among themselves without any extra setup. Similarly, Google’s new feature will give a special option to Android users. According to the report of the Android Police, from taking photos to videos and links, with the help of this feature, users will be able to share the tweets.