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Google Assistant update: It will show your fitness information

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Google has discreetly revealed an update to its smart right hand that makes it somewhat more valuable for fitness lovers. According to a report by 9to% Google, the tech giant has revealed an update to Google Assistant. It adds another fitness feature to the menial helper’s interface. This update, according to the report, empowers Google Assistant. It allows showing a client’s wellbeing and wellness information on their display.

This new area replaces the Sleep segment in Google Assistant’s settings that were turned out in November a year ago. It additionally incorporates all the Sleep settings and reconciliation with Fitbit. This implies that the Assistant will before long have the option to show your health and rest action information from your Fitbit wellness tracker on your Google Assistant-fueled shrewd showcase.

“Permit your Assistant to proactively show your data on your presentation gadgets from your associated wellbeing and wellness gadgets and administrations, similar to your activity, nourishment, rest, or health information,” Google says in the portrayal of the refreshed area.

Right now, this element is accessible just on the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Lenovo Smart Clock keen presentations.