Google Assistant

Google Assistant is rolling out a new feature, automatically change your risky passwords in Chrome!


After a data breach, Google Assistant has added a new tool that automates the process of resetting your passwords. In a tweet, tipper Max Weinbach verified the information. “Chrome identified the password you just entered in a data breach,” according to the screengrab posted by Weinbach. Your Google Assistant can automatically reset your password.” There’s also the option to alter it automatically or cancel it down below. If you agree to “Let Google Assistant assist you in changing your password,” your password will be changed automatically.

Chrome will also notify users if their saved passwords are dangerous or have been reused as a result of a data breach, according to Android Police.

People must change their passwords manually right now, but with this upgrade, users will be urged to do so as soon as they go into a site where their password has been hacked.

The new functionality, which is based on Duplex on the Web technology, allows it to reset users’ passwords on Chrome for Android automatically. It’s essentially a Chrome extension of the breached-password-detector tool.

How will it work?

Google Chrome will urge users to authorise Google Assistant to automatically update their password. Users will be directed to the impacted website to create a new password for their account after confirmation is received. They may either enter in their key or have the built-in password manager generate one for them. Even though Google Assistant can manage the entire password change procedure, you can intervene at any time.

Last year, during Google I/O, the Google Assistant function was unveiled. Currently, this functionality is only available on supported sites. According to the report, the “Credentials” sub-menu in Chrome’s settings now includes a manual check to see if the passwords saved by the browser have been hacked.