Good Friday

Good Friday 2021: Know why we celebrate Good Friday, what is its importance and history

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India is a country of festivals, where festivals of all religions are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The festival of Good Friday is also one of them. This festival of Christianity is celebrated on the Friday just before Easter Sunday. This time this festival will be celebrated on 2 April. On this day people of Christianity remember the cross of Jesus Christ.

What is the history and importance of Good Friday?

About two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ in Galilee Province, Jerusalem, is exhorting people to walk on the path of goodness by preaching humanity, unity, and non-violence. People started considering him as God and following the path shown by him. For this reason, some religious superstitions began to irritate him and he accused Jesus of contempt of religion and treason. He was complained to the Patulus, ruler of Rome, and was told that he was misleading the people by claiming that he was the son of God. Papalus sentenced him to death. Jesus was crowned with thorns on Jesus’ head, whipped and hanged with nails.

This is why Good Friday is celebrated

On the charge of contempt of religion and treason, Jesus was crucified on the name of Golgotha, leading to his death. The day Yushi is crucified is called Good Friday. People of Christianity consider it a very sacred time. On this day remember his sacrifice and keep fast. The last moments of his life are repeated in the church and people are served. Every year on the occasion of Good Friday Christianity remembers Jesus’ sacrifice and serves the people on this day.