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Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive resume, the morning had technical flaws.

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On Wednesday, many of Google’s services, such as Gmail, Google Drive were suddenly shut for a few hours. Users from many countries around the world complained about this. According to Indian time, the services of Google were suddenly closed at 8 o’clock 23 minutes this morning. However, after restricting these services for three hours, Google corrected it at 11 o’clock 43 minutes in the morning. This is the second such incident in a year that some of Google’s major services were completely stalled.

Since Wednesday morning, users from many countries of the world complained that they are having trouble accessing Gmail as well as other Google services. After a while, Google confirmed this problem on G Suite Status Dashboard. A few hours later Google gave an update on its live suite status dashboard and said that all services have been restored again.

While releasing a statement about the interruption in the services, Google said, “We apologize for the trouble you have received and thank you that during this time you worked patiently. Be sure that the reliability of the system is Google’s priority and we are constantly trying to improve our system.

The impact of the closure of Google’s services was seen in Australia, America, Europe, and Asia. Google posted the first on its service website. Some users affected by the stoppage of services are able to access their Gmail, but the error message was getting. Meanwhile, the services of Google Maps and YouTube were also interrupted for a while. However, now they have also cured them.

It is noteworthy that in January 2019, when there was a problem in Google, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Group, Hangout, Hangout Chat, and Google Plus were affected.