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Give those pretty eyes some rest and start listening. Here are 8 amazing podcasts you must listen to.

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4 months in quarantine got me really inquisitive. I started researching a lot due to boredom. That’s when I came across this really interesting podcast on Spotify. Since then, my love for podcasts kept growing. It not only kept me interested but also made me really very creative and imaginative of course. It helped me a lot with my thinking process and helped me pass my leisure time in a partially productive way. So, if you’re bored binge watching Netflix and hotstar all day long, it’s time for you to get a little creative. Give those pretty eyes some rest and start working on your listening skills. Here, I’m going to list down 8 amazing podcasts, that I’m positive you’ll love.

• In the Dark

All those crime-thriller fans out there, this one’s for you. It’s unique and interesting too. So if you like to go deep on fascinating stories, you must listen to this one. This Peabody Award-winning podcast investigates law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and it leaves no stones unturned. The first season of In the Dark investigated the kidnapping and death of a 11-year-old not, Jacob Wetterling and the second season was about the case of Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for the same murder.

• WTF by Marc Maron

This one is the OG. It’s hilarious, trust me. It started in the year 2009, and it’s still very popular. Marc starts every episode with a witty monologue then gets into some seriously awesome interviews with movie stars, comedians, and other celebrities. If you’re looking for a good laugh, this one’s for you.

• Why wouldn’t you date me?

Famous American comedian Nicole Byer is known for her amazing sense of humour and style. After her hit show on Netflix, she gained a lot of popularity but still hasn’t found love. This is all about it. This podcast tackles topics like her green-card marriage, getting through dry spells and so much more!

• Ear Hustle

This is for all the ‘Orange is the new black’ fans out there. This too focuses mainly on prisoner lives. You’ll know what happens to them after they are released. This is really interesting as it also talks about major issues most people face.

• My favorite murder

What happens when comedy meets tragedy? Check it out yourself! This is an amazing true crime podcast that covers all the controversial topics with hilarious commentary. The best part is the hosts also talk about their own issues in a really funny way.

• Death, sex & money

Anna Sale’s death, sex & money is surely gonna keep you glued to your phone. Like the title suggests, the topics are pretty serious but this too has a little humour thrown it and so it’s light and intense too. You get it?

• Julie – The unwinding of the miracle

I realised I didn’t add a love story podcast at all. So this is for all those romance fans. This podcast is absolutely beautiful. It’s a love story of Julie as she slowly dues of stage IV colon cancer. Grab a box of tissues before listening to this one. Please don’t miss this one.

• The Bright sessions

The last recommendation is a little special because not many people like spooky psychological thrillers. Yes, this podcast is a spine chilling podcast. It covers therapy sessions with Dr. Bright and her atypical patients. It’s really interesting and unique. Check it out on Spotify.