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Girls hide these preparations before sex.

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Girls are secretly preparing these preparations before sex. Sex is definitely a startup activity, but for most women it is not as spontaneously as they show. They make some preparations before sex, which nobody tells about. Some women said that what they prepare before sex.

1) What to wear inside
‘Whenever I plan to sex with my boyfriend, I definitely care about what I have worn an innerwear. I try to wear the most sexy underarms or at least take care of color coordination. ‘

2) I spend several hours in the bathroom
‘Before sex, I try to remove every spicy body hair from waxing, shaving, threading and plucking. In terms of hygiene, I speak to keep my private parts clean from my boyfriend. ‘

3) Check my smile
‘I make French perfume so that my partner gets a good smell’.

4) Take care of the protection

‘We are thinking of using the protection, I think about it in mind. He will bring condoms or I want to make pills. Unprecedented sex is like a nightmare for me. ‘

5) Try to reduce belly
‘When I plan to sex with partner, I start dining. I want to show her my flat tummy and toned body. Especially on that day I live on the diet. ‘

6) Washroom does not forget to go
‘Who will go to the rest of the session and go to the toilet? I always go to the washroom before the start of the act. ‘