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Gilgit activist claims, ‘After the air strikes, the body of the terrorists was shifted to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’.

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Gilgit activist Seng Hassan Sering, who lives in the US, has shocked the Balakot Airstrikes. Sering shared a video claiming that according to the news published in local Urdu newspapers, after the strike, the dead body of 200 militants was carried out by the Pak army to reach Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Balakot. However, what is the reality of this video, it has not been confirmed yet.

Sering shared a video on Twitter too. In the video caption, he wrote, “After the Indian Air strikes, Pakistani military officials have confessed to burying more than 200 militants. Talking to the terrorists, they said that they were working against the enemy for the Pakistani government. Talked about giving support to their families.

Some Pakistani officials in the video can be seen crying, children. Someone’s voice is coming behind, in which one person is saying that this is Allah’s answer. Our 200 militants got this opportunity. However, we can not confirm this video on our behalf.

Let us say that Pakistan has consistently denied the news of terrorist camps being destroyed in Balakot. On the other hand, India has said that more than 200 terrorists were killed in this air strike and the devastation of terrorist camps was severely reported. Jaish’s main terrorist training camp is in Balakot. The Suicide Bomber of the Pulwama attack received training from Balakot.