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German woman sentenced to hang up for joining ISIS.

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Baghdad, A court in Iraq has sentenced the German woman to death for being involved in a terrorist organization ISIS. The court of Baghdad has sentenced the woman to death, accusing the terrorist group of providing military assistance and other help to crime.

The Supreme Judicial Council spokesman, Abdul-Sattar said that the woman has assumed that she came to Syria from Germany to meet ISIS and then she came to Iraq with her two daughters. After two daughters married to terrorists

It is believed that when she leaves for Syria, she lives in Mannheim, Germany, but originally belongs to the Moroccan. These women are among those countless women who were caught by the Iraqi army since the elimination of Islamic State in July 2017. The spokesperson said that now the woman has been hanged but she still has the chance to appeal further.

According to a report published by a group, about 27,000 foreign soldiers arrived in Iraq and Syria since the IB revolution in 2011, 6 thousand of them are European, however, these are not all IS

Earlier this year, a Russian woman was hanged on charges of joining the ISIS. Iraq had announced the elimination of ISIS last month. In 2014, IS has captured about one third of the IS.