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General Charles Brown becomes the first black chief of the US Airforce, Senate approves.

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The Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed the appointment of General Charles Brown Jr. as Chief of Staff of the Air Force. With this, he became the first black officer to lead one of the country’s military services. Vice President Mike Pence presided over the vote in the Senate.

98 members voted in favor
Brown’s name was confirmed by 98 votes against zero. Pence described the moment as historic. The vote comes at a time when the Trump administration is facing public outrage in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody.

Brown has been the commander of the US-Pacific Air Force
Brown has recently been commander of the US-Pacific Airforce. He is a fighter pilot and has experience of flying aircraft for over 2,900 hours. She posted a video on social media on Friday about her struggle to cope with racial discrimination in her life and to make a place for herself in a white-dominated society.

Brown joined the Air Force in 1984
He said that I am thinking about my career in the Air Force where I was the only African American in my squadron or the only African American in the room as a senior officer. Let us tell you that Brown joined the Air Force in 1984.