Geeta Jayanti

Geeta Jayanti 2020: Know its importance and teachings

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According to the Hindu calendar, every year, on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month, Geeta Jayanti, the most sacred book of Hinduism, is celebrated. The significance of Gita Jayanti is very much in Sanatan Dharma. According to religious beliefs, on the same day, Shri Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna before the Mahabharata war. Let’s know why Gita Jayanti is celebrated and what is its importance.

Why is Geeta Jayanti celebrated

On the occasion of Geeta Jayanti, the Hindu scriptures of the Hindu Gita, Lord Krishna and Ved Vyasji are worshipped. It is said that the world has not celebrated the birthday of any sacred scripture. But the birth anniversary of Srimad Bhagwat Gita is celebrated. The reason behind this is stated that other texts have been compiled by humans but the Gita is born from the mouth of Lord Shri Krishna himself.

Importance of Geeta Jayanti

Arjuna was taught the knowledge in Kurukshetra by Lord Krishna. Krishna Ji also told him the difference between right and wrong. Krishna Ji wanted him to be able to take the right decision and make good use of life. The wonderful art of living is taught in the verses mentioned in the Gita. In every situation, it should be handled with patience. It has been taught in the Gita. Due to this, even today, Gita Jayanti is relevant for a thousand years. It is through this that the Gita spoken by Shri Krishna explains the difference between good and bad deeds to the people.

Gita teachings which is necessary for every person who knows how to get rid of stress in life and walk on the path of success…

Let’s have a look at the teachings of the Geeta on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti

-The soul neither dies nor is born, therefore you should always pay attention to the purity of the soul.
-One should not worry about the past and tomorrow, because what has to happen will happen.
-Whatever happens, is good, so enjoy the present and be worry-free.
-We are not the name, position, reputation, sect, religion, woman or man, nor is this body we.
-This body is made up of fire, water, air, earth, sky, and it will be found in this, to live in spirit is liberation.

‘You should not fall into the dishonour of honour’
-Change is the rule of nature. Everything changes here. Therefore, one should not fall into happiness, sorrow, profit and loss, victory, defeat and humiliation.
-Keep your anger under control.
-Anger creates confusion and confusion distracts the intellect. This destroys memory and thus the person begins to decline.
-Always remember the anger, sex and fear are our enemies.
-Offer yourself to God completely, we will be free from sorrow, fear, anxiety, mourning and bondage.
-We have to purify our point of view because the vision is determined by the perspective itself.

‘Karmaneye vaadikasthe maa faleshu kadachan’

-Do karma and don’t worry about the fruit, trust your hard work and honesty.

-Meditate on meditation to calm the restless mind.
-The unbalanced mind gives birth to destruction.
-Whatever we do, we have to bear the fruits of it. Therefore, you should consider before doing karma.
-It is better to do our own work than to do anything else with perfection. Even if it is incomplete.
-Yoga is the name of equality for all, skill in all actions and disconnection from the world of sorrow.
-Condemnation, deceit, deceit, jealousy all make a person weak because, in the midst of all this, man only creates trouble for himself.