Ganesh Jayanti 2022

Ganesh Jayanti 2022: Story behind it and significance

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Ganesh Jayanti 2022: Based on Hindu scriptures, the birth of Vighnaharta Shri Ganesh Ji is considered to be on Magh Shukla Chaturthi. This year Ganesh Jayanti 2022 is being celebrated on 4th February, i.e., today. On this day, Mata Parvati had produced Shri Ganesh Ji for the desire of an obedient son. In such a situation, according to religious beliefs, those who wish to have an obedient son should observe a fast on this day. The story of the birth of Shri Ganesh (Ganesh Vrat Katha) should also be read along with the fast.

Ganesh Jayanti fasting story

According to mythology, Bholenath went to Bhogavati to take a bath one day. Then Mother Parvati also went to take a bath. While taking a bath, She made an effigy from body dirt and consecrated life in it. Mother Parvati named the effigy of this child Ganesh. After consecration, Mata Parvati ordered Shri Ganesha to stand at the door and not allow anyone to enter until he returned after taking a bath. Following the orders of Mother Parvati, Ganesh Ji stood at the entrance to guard meanwhile Lord Shiva came back to Mount Kailash and left for Mata Parvati to meet her.

But Ganesh Ji, who was guarding the door, stopped Shiva Ji. Despite Shiva’s explanation, Ganesh Ji did not allow him to enter inside. As time passed, Lord Shiva got angry and beheaded Ganesha. After that, they went inside. But his anger did not subside, and Mother Parvati understood that Lord Shiva was hungry, so she brought two plates to Shiva after serving food. When Shiva requested to eat, for who is the second plate, Mother Parvati said that the second empty is of my son Shri Ganesh, who is guarding the door.

Hearing this, Lord Shiva narrated the whole thing to Mother Parvati, then Mother Parvati started mourning loudly. Lord Shiva connected the torso of Ganesha with the head of the elephant and gave him life again. It is believed that if a woman who wants to have a child does this fasting story, then she gets the benefit.